Manchester VT Fire Department Retrains for Technical Rope Rescue

Robert Riversong, through his training program called aVERT – a Vertical Emergency Response Training – completed a full weekend of low- and steep-angle rope rescue training for the Manchester Fire Department April 29 through May 1, 2011. The Friday evening through Sunday afternoon training went from basic ropes and knots, through anchors, angles and edges, rappels, belays and mechanical advantage systems, to scene safety and on-scene communications.

This training was a follow-up to a weekend-long training for the Manchester Rescue Squad and Fire Department in 2003, which included rappeling and vertical litter raising for quarry rescue. The 2011 training included firefighter emergency escape from the department's training tower, as well as use of the tower/ladder truck for vertical litter raising. The department wants to be a regional resource for technical rescue and plans annual refresher classes.

Robert Riversong of Warren VT is available for custom trainings for fire departments, rescue squads, wilderness search & rescue teams and industrial rescue. He can be reached at aVERT (at) Ponds-Edge (dot) net.

Practicing with the tower truck

Steep-angle raising with a high directional

Emergency bailout with Crosby hook and FESH hook escape systems