Sunday, January 1, 2012

Rescue Training for Vermont Fire, EMS, SAR and Industrial Teams
Training, Consulting, Evaluation & Rescue Program Development

Robert Riversong, Rescue Specialist

aVERT (at)

Low & High-Angle Rope Rescue, 
River Rescue, Backcountry Rescue, Cave Rescue

basic knots – simple anchors
low-angle rappeling & belaying

more knots – anchor systems
steep-angle litter raising, lowering, & belaying systems

loads, forces & vectors
multi-point load-distributing anchors
back-ties & directionals – artificial high anchors
compound & complex mechanical advantage pulley systems
patient pick-offs – vertical litter lowering & raising systems – offsets & highlines

curriculum and practicum created to meet your specific needs

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Training History

Departments, Squads, Teams  Trained

*   Berkshire Mountain Search & Rescue Team (MA)

*   Upper Valley Wilderness Response Team (NH/VT)

*   Readsboro VT FD

*   Wardsboro VT FD

*   Whitingham VT Ambulance

*   Yankee Atomic high-angle rescue team (3x MA)

*   Firefighter 1 ropes segment (Bennington VT)

*   Pownal VT FD

*   Rowe MA FD

*   Westminster VT FD

*   VT Cave Rescue Association

*   Manchester VT Rescue Squad

*   MA Task Force 1 FEMA USAR Team

*   Elliot Hospital Paramedic tech rescue training (NH)

*   NCRC Orientation to Cave Rescue (5x, NY & VT)

*   Warren VT FD

*   Mad River Valley Rescue & mutual aid squads (VT)

*   Manchester VT Fire Department

Monday, April 11, 2011

Reference Letter from Yankee Atomic

Thank you for the excellent training and advice you provided to Yankee Atomic Electric Company for a site high angle rescue team.  The training provided was timely and site specific.  The training program you developed addressed our specific objectives and allowed us to form a rescue team that would be capable of providing scene stabilization and removal of an accident victim from the top of our containment structure or any roof area at the facility.  Your program was tailored to meet these objectives and we appreciate the time and effort you provided to allow us to form this team in such a short period of time.

Everyone who took the training was completely satisfied and felt confident that if there was an accident they were prepared to respond.  To an individual they expressed that your training was some of the best that has been provided since working here.

We also appreciate the advice you provided in the purchase of equipment and recommended changes to the facility.  Your experience and expertise in this area was apparent to all of us.

You can feel free to use us as a reference at any time.

Edwin L. May
Rescue Team Leader
Yankee Atomic Electric Company
Rowe, MA